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Krypts - Unending Degradation

Reviewer: Rottenbucher    |    May 30, 2013 

4 Star Rating
Krypts - Unending Degradation
Release Date: February 19, 2013
Label: Dark Descent Records
          1.  Introeon: Perpetual Beyond
          2.  Blessed Entwinement
          3.  Open the Crypt
          4.  Dormancy of the Ancients
          5.  Inhale...
          6.  The Black Smoke
          7.  Day of Reckoning
          8.  Beneath the Archaic
          Total playing time:  38:39

Former members of Finish Melodic Death Metal band Self-Hate members have taken their self-loathing to a new extreme with Krypts.  Krypts is minimally melodic, maximally moody Death Metal that flirts with Doom territory in several spots all while building a beautifully oppressive atmosphere.  Their debut, Unending Degradation, is a haunting success.

The instrumental opener, "Introeon: Perpetual Beyond" sets the mood nicely but it a touch misleading as it sounds like Doom-drenched Swedish Death Metal. "Blessed Entwinement" makes an about-face and Krypts takes pits two styles against each other to make a splendid atmosphere.  The track also exemplifies how effortlessly Krypts can successfully shift a song between blasting Death Metal and lurching Doom. "Open the Crypt" keeps Krypts operating in the mid-paced arena of Death Metal and bassist/vocalist Antti Kotiranta's guttural roar soars nicely over the bed of thick riffs below.  "Dormancy of the Ancients" sways back and forth between Doom and gruff, Melodic Death Metal during its 7-minutes while the instrumental, "Inhale" is firmly planted in Doom. 

"The Black Smoke" finds Krypts channeling a clinically depressed version of Entombed whereas "Day of Reckoning" finds the band at its most aggressive point.  Here, Krypts completely foregoes most of the Doom aesthetics that have dominated the previous songs and rears a razor-sharp Death Metal grimace. Album closer find Krypts at their most oppressive as the chugging bass, grinding guitars and moaning melodies really dominate the song's mood before the band twists these elements into a well crafted Death Metal mid-section.  

Unending Degradation features loads of oppressive atmosphere intertwined nicely with a potent and well-executed penchant for Doom-drenched Death Metal. And when the band gets melodic, the melodies are simplistically sinister and wonderfully augment the music.  The organic production also increases the albums already impressive quality.  Krypts' Unending Degradation is highly recommended to fans of Incantation and Grave.

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